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C. Johnson Sheffield, CPA, PC is always grateful for the opportunity to provide tax and accounting services. 

Each tax return requires its own amount of analysis, discussion, understanding, interpretation, examination, etc.

We use a combination of factors to arrive at your final invoice. Due to the complexity of invoicing, we do not generally give quotes on pricing of our services.

We start with a standard hourly rate.   We may adjust the hourly rate amount for factors that we believe warrant consideration.  We will measure the amount of our time dedicated to you.  We will observe the complexity of the transactions.  We will take note of the essence of timing.

C. Johnson Sheffield, CPA, PC believes in the concept of production and performance before pay.  We do, however, reserve the privilege to obtain a retainer for services to be rendered or partial payment on work in progress.  We accept cash or check.  We do accept credit/debit cards.

For our standard hourly rates and our set rates for accounting and payroll services, please contact us.

You can reach us at 910-293-3168 or 800-713-8004 and by fax at 910-293-7028. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: mycpa@cjohnsonsheffieldcpapc.com.